How to Save a Marriage

how-to-save-a-marriage_talkingThe question of how to save a marriage is something you never imagined you’d be in the position to ask…but maybe that time has come. All you can do now is to accept it and move on to finding the best ways for you and your partner to resolve your differences.

1st Rule of How to Save a Marriage is to Admit Your Guilt

Face up to your mistakes. It takes a real man or a strong woman to admit to their mistakes, especially if it has to do with infidelity. Cheating is arguably the most painful mistake you can ever do against your spouse, but it doesn’t have to ruin your marriage.

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How to save a marriage after infidelity? Start by being true to yourself. Ask yourself why. You knew it would hurt your spouse but you went through with it anyway. What made you do that? Was it simply because you find yourself irresistibly attracted to the other person? Surely it was more than that. Could the other person be offering something that your spouse couldn’t give you?

How to save a marriage has a lot to do with the right place and time. First of all, it has to be done in a place where you can enjoy uninterrupted privacy for as long as it’s necessary to talk things through. The bedroom may seem like a good choice, but do you really want your partner to forever associate your bedroom with your admission of infidelity?

As for timing, remember that your revelation will come as a painful shock to your spouse. There is truly no right timing for something like this, but you could be considerate and make sure that you choose a time where nothing major in your partner’s work or personal life is expected to take place such as a major business event or pregnancy. This kind of admission could greatly affect your partner’s disposition and make him or her unable to cope with the usual pressures of life.

Now, admitting to yourself that you’re wrong is one thing, but admitting that to your partner is another. It takes a lot of guts, but if you genuinely want to fix marriage problems, then you need to endure your partner’s recriminations and disappointment. This is a hurtful but necessary process…you wanted to know how to save a marriage after infidelity, and I have given you the hard truth.

Anger and hurt can make people say cruel things and expect this to be part and parcel of the recovery process and how to save a marriage from total breakdown. Do not hold your partner’s words against him or her because it’s a natural and understandable reaction for someone to hit back when they’re down.

Lastly, do not treat your infidelity as if it were something one can easily forgive and forgive. It is not. Infidelity is a criminal act and it’s a direct violation of the trust you have sworn to your spouse and in the name of God.

There is no one answer to the question on how to save a marriage. Numerous factors are involved but success is more likely if both of you are committed to building a stronger foundation for your marriage.

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