Save My Marriage Today Review

save my marriage today review_starsSave My Marriage Today Review
by Jo Goodman – March 28, 2010

Many “save marriage” materials land on my table. Most of them look so much the same that nothing really stands out…but I recently spotted Save My Marriage Today by Amy Waterman.

I was dubious at first since there is plenty of useless material about saving marriages that make no sense at all. But I was suitably impressed with Amy’s material, and that’s why I decided to share this Save My Marriage Today review with you.

This course can serve as a guide to couples who are committed to solving their marriage problems. The content addresses a full spectrum of marital challenges and can be of great value to troubled couples wanting to improve their marital situation. Save My Marriage Today is designed to teach partners how to improve their communication, as well as help them deal with and resolve conflicts…and, ultimately, stop divorce.

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Many have said that marriage is not easy…that it truly requires commitment to work. If married life were a fairytale, couples would just sit down and discuss their issues calmly and rationally and everything would be rosy again. However, marriage is not a story book. While it is normal for married couples to argue and nag each other a bit, too much of it can be discouraging and tiring. Many make the mistake of letting problems eat at their relationship to the point that the gap between them widens and they continue to grow apart. It is not unusual for relationships to require a little mending from time to time.

Amy has structured her course to help couples develop better communication and prevent their marriage from failing. Other topics include:

  • Top tips on rescuing your marriage
  • Bringing back passion into the relationship
  • Repairing the relationship after an affair
  • Assessing oneself
  • Actions that mean a lot more than words
  • …and much more!

You will immediately notice the neat layout and helpful graphics. Amy Waterman obviously takes her craft seriously.

But it’s the content that really counts, now isn’t it? Amy’s material combines theory and practice…the chapters are accompanied by exercises that will help you understand the concepts better and apply them to real situations in your marriage.

Another thing that stands out is the amount of information in the two Save My Marriage Today volumes and the bonus materials that come with them. An abundance of useful information has been put together and presented in an organized and comprehensive way.

Divorce statistics are not pretty. More than 2 million married couples get divorced every year. Many of those marriages might have been saved had the couples interacted openly and applied the techniques from Amy’s course. She may not perform magic and save all marriages, but if you want to rekindle the flame in your relationship, I think you’ll find Save My Marriage Today to be money well spent.

And if for any reason you don’t like what you get, the course comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Amy Waterman also provides free email consultation…you can bring up issues and seek clarification for your specific concerns. From an expert like Amy, that advice could be worth it’s weight in gold.

Save My Marriage Today can help you identify mistakes that can put your marriage on the rocks. The course guides you through an abundance of techniques that have been proven to save marriages. I have suggested it to others in my professional network and received positive feedback.

Amy has done a good job with this one…Save My Marriage Today can be instrumental toward saving your marriage!

You don’t need to base your decision on this review alone!

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