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Yes, you can save your marriage today or any day for that matter. But first you must understand the up’s and down’s of marriage and that it is perfectly normal to fall in and out of love in a long term marriage. Any couple that has been married for fifty years will testify to that fact.

Having a successful marriage takes work, but many people just don’t have the skills that make a marriage successful. Fortunately, those skills can be learned…and I’m here to help you do just that.

Watch Dr. Dana Fillmore, Clinical Psychologist, explain why you should have every reason to believe that your marriage can be saved.

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Save My Marriage Today™

A good supplement to marriage counseling is a well-written “save marriage” book. Books and online courses provide a source of constant guidance when you’re not in therapy. It is also a good alternative to counseling when you can’t afford a professional counselor. An excellent example of a save marriage book is Amy Waterman’s Save My Marriage Today™.

Save My Marriage Today™…a popular save marriage book

Among the top sellers in books nowadays are self-help books. Amy Waterman has authored a  guide for couples with marital problems who are willing to do what it takes to make their marriage work.

The self-help section in most bookshops will contain a selection of save marriage books, and one or two of them may catch your interest. But before you decide on what to purchase, keep in mind the following things to look for in a save marriage book.

Author’s reputation

Check on the author’s background. The book Save My Marriage Today was written by a woman with a solid history of publishing practical books on relationships. Amy Waterman has also written the popular Seduction Genie, and has assisted many couples in dealing with marriage problems.

Content and style

A good self-help book is comprehensive and easy to read. A save marriage book should include specific topics, and you can easily browse if they are included by checking them out in the contents page. These topics include:

  • Family issues
  • Children
  • Communication
  • Finances
  • Divorce
  • Sex
  • Infidelity

A save marriage book should definitely make family issues and children their top priority as they constitute a big part of what can go wrong in a marriage. When they say you not only married you spouse but the family as well wasn’t lying. Other family members can put a strain on a marriage if not properly managed, and children can become the focus of dissension between couples.

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Save My Marriage Today™ by Amy Waterman
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There can be no lasting marriage without open communication between spouses, so any self-respecting save marriage book would deal with this issue extensively. Amy Waterman gives practical suggestions on how to have meaningful communication with your spouse in her book, Save My Marriage Today.

An issue that can lead to serious marital friction is money. Nothing can become pricklier than financial disagreements between a husband and wife. Financial matters can often lead to bitter divorces. A good save marriage book will make no bones about the importance of dealing with this issue in a forthright manner.

While save marriage books are designed to help couples avoid divorce, it is nevertheless important that the possibility is discussed. The self-help guide you purchase should provide you with ways of determining if divorce just may be the best answer to your problems.

Together with open communication, mutually satisfying sexual activity is one of the most important aspects of marriage. If a marriage self help book doesn’t deal with the issue of sex, then it is probably not a book that can help you. Unsatisfactory sex between married couples can lead to straying, and infidelity is a major cause of the eventual breakup of a marriage.

Save My Marriage Today deals with all the essential issues above and much more. Amy Waterman teaches couples with marriage problems to interact more fully with one another.

Of course, no save marriage book, no matter how well-written and practical, will be of any use if it isn’t eventually used by both spouses. There must be a willingness on the part of one spouse to at least try, and hopefully convince his or her partner to participate. With the valuable advice and practical tone of Save My Marriage Today by Amy Waterman, that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

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Save My Marriage Today™ by Amy Waterman
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It takes no trouble at all to get Amy’s save marriage book. The file is instantly downloadable to your computer, and you can choose to keep it in your hard drive or a CD.

At the very least, Save My Marriage Today™ will be a frequently used addition to your reference library… and the price you pay is nothing compared to the potential benefits.